Colum Sands

Colum Sands: Look Where I've Ended Up Now

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Artist: Colum Sands

Artist: Colum Sands
Title: Look Where I've Ended Up Now

Track Listing: Look where I've ended up now/Beyond the Frame/Fresh Bread/ We're walking down the road/Fred Jordan's Boots/Giant's Causeway Tram/Too Loud/Michael's Orchard/Du You Sie/Song for Nuri/From the Darkness of the Mine On his seventh solo album, "Look where I've ended up now", Rostrevor songwriter Colum Sands finds inspiration across the vast landscape which has welcomed his songs and stories over the past thirty years - from Ireland to the rest of Europe, the Middle East, Australia, New Zealand and North America. An old pair of hobnailed boots in a dark bedroom beside a dormant volcano in New Zealand, remembering two painters in his home village of Rostrevor, a meeting in the Negev desert with a Bedouin activist struggling to hold onto his family's lands, a late night childhood story from the daughter of a famous coal miner in the North East of England, a humorous wrestle with the German language, a Dublin man's dream of growing an orchard on a windswept coast of County Clare, walking down the road, raising a voice against noise pollution, recalling the smell of freshly baked bread, Colum Sands is a songwriter who works from a broad palette and sings of the colours, the senses, the accents and the language of life. In the company of fellow Sands Family members and some of Ireland's finest musicians, the exotic flavours of Armenian Oud player Vasken Solakian and the outstanding English accordion player Karen Tweed, the County Down songwriter comes up with lines like "Remote controllers all over the house, we have not the remotest control" or "rain coming in through the ceiling and the water bill's gone through the roof!" to carry the tradition of the troubadour into the 21st century with the blend of humour, critical insight and optimism which has become his hallmark. Sands himself says, "I love travelling and I always learn and write from the stories that people have to tell, I'm as happy sharing songs with ten people as I am with a thousand. It's not about numbers, it's about energy ..songs have been a powerful means of communication for centuries and will always find their own way to fly without the hot air side of the music business." On "Look where I've ended up now" Colum Sands sends a seventh bagful of songs out into the world to find their own feet, "through hedges and ditches, in search of the reason of rhyme." With previous songs translated into German, Dutch, Danish, French and Hebrew and cover versions recorded by artistes like Maddy Prior and June Tabor, Andy Irvine, Makem and Clancy, Mick Hanley, Roy Bailey, Enda Kenny and Flossie Malavialle, who knows where they might end up!

1.1 Look Where I've Ended Up Now
1.2 Beyond the Frame
1.3 Fresh Bread
1.4 We're Walking Down the Road
1.5 Fred Jordan's Boots
1.6 Giant's Causeway Tram
1.7 Too Loud
1.8 Michael's Orchard
1.9 Du You Sie
1.10 Song for Nuri
1.11 From the Darkness of the Mine

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