Common Cup Company

Common Cup Company: Spirit of Christ

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Artist: Common Cup Company
Title: Spirit of Christ

1.1 Draw the Circle Wide
1.2 Invitation
1.3 Cana Wine
1.4 Northern Advent
1.5 Song for John
1.6 Mary Laid Her Baby Down
1.7 Wolf at the Door
1.8 Will I Lose You to the Wind?
1.9 Singing in the Night
1.10 Bethany
1.11 All Night Long
1.12 Ladder to the Stars
1.13 Old Man Coming Home
1.14 Spirit of Christ
1.15 Rainbows ; Crosses
1.16 City Streets
1.17 Your Feet Will Not Stumble
1.18 Israel Wait for the Morning
1.19 She Comes Sailing on the Wind (She Flies on!)

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