Common Eider / King Eider

Common Eider / King Eider: A Wound Of Body

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Product Type: VINYL LP

Title: A Wound Of Body
Label: Sentient Ruin Labs
Product Type: VINYL LP

The masters of contemporary ritualistic black ambience return with the first part of their "Wound" duology, two separate releases linked sonically, visually and spiritually, together forming the group's most focused and fully realized work to date. The two releases together will offer up a sprawling, audial exploration of wounds at once physical and spiritual, social and societal, natural and environmental. Sonically, "A Wound Of Body" is a beautifully stark soundscape, dolorously dense, suffocatingly oppressive and utterly claustrophobic. An immersive black hole of bleak, cavernous drone music and disquieting, desolate ambience, each track a hushed and harrowing ritual; the surface minimalism underpinned by a churning morass of sound, a layered liturgy of blackened invocations and nebulous strings hovering in the shadows.

1.1 Remembrance - a Threnody
1.2 Sinew Stretched Over Crumbling Bones
1.3 We Sing Over These Bones So That They May Rise Up and Run Away Into the Night
1.4 Hélène
1.5 River of Blood

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