Compelled: Fight

Compelled: Fight
Title: Fight
Label: CD Baby

The Fight Compelled's second studio EP represents a significant evolution from the band's earlier work yet stays true to the the quartet's fervent commitment to worshiping the God of all. The Fight is an impassioned musical vignette, and Baumiester's well-tempered guitar work weaves expertly and unobtrusively through each track, anchoring the album and complementing Bruckler's impeccable rhythmic sensibility; it's this resonant backdrop that deftly sets the stage for Russell's warm, soaring melodic story-telling. "Nowhere to Go" stands out -- it's chorus a catchy exposition of the crucial thematic and musical elements of the album. "Prodigal" is built on the familiar foundations of rock, but the blended harmonies, which punctuate the chorus, are, quite simply, refreshingly captivating. The album builds through the final track, "My Desire," which is an infectious celebration of the hope and faith made perfect in Christ Jesus. The Fight explores the under-appreciated narrative power of the unspoken interplay between driving rhythm and layered soundscape and adds to that exploration a rich lyrical framework that takes an honest look at frustration and the continuous search for identity and hope amidst the seemingly inescapable realities that come along with real life.

1.1 Fight for
1.2 The Trend
1.3 Nowhere to Go
1.4 Prodigal
1.5 Gotta Move
1.6 Redemption
1.7 My Desire

Compelled: Fight

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