Coyote Oldman

Coyote Oldman: House Made of Dawn

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Coyote Oldman

Title: House Made of Dawn
Label: Hearts of Space

Coyote Oldman are Michae Graham Allen and Barry Stramp. Their subtle, creative approach to the Native American flute has inspired a host of imitators, but no one has ever matched their inspired studio transformation of these archaic instruments of wood and breath into the ecstatic realm of ethereal sonic's. House Made of Dawn achieves a seamless equilibrium between man and nature, earth and sky, sound and space.

1.1 Into the Vast
1.2 Strength
1.3 Light and Mist
1.4 House Made of Dawn
1.5 Luminous Expanse
1.6 Sweet Morning
1.7 Dawn World
1.8 Standing on Earth
1.9 Walk in My World
1.10 Restoration
1.11 Swim in Light
1.12 Rise
1.13 Abundance
1.14 In Warm Velvet Darkness
1.15 Returning Always
1.16 Emergence

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