Crashlanding: Down

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Artist: Crashlanding

Artist: Crashlanding
Title: Down

Crashlanding is a hard driving rock'n'roll band with heavy blues and psychedelic influences. Inspired by Hendrix, Zeppelin, Mars Volta and Blues greats, like Muddy Waters and Albert King, this band attracts audiences of all ages. With original songs and powerful guitar solos, this dynamic trio pulls out all the stops. Their vintage sound is a collaboration of Alex Zelnick's funky bass lines and strong vocals, Eli Rice's 54 Black Beauty Custom Reissue and 64 Strat played through Top Hat and Tremolux amps and Jeff Rjefski's rock'n'roll drum beats. While Crashlanding was formed in 2004, Alex Zelnick and guitarist Eli Rice have played music together for over ten years. Now in their late twenties, each band member brings his own musical influences and experiences to create an unforgettable show.

1.1 Down
1.2 In New Orleans
1.3 So Fine
1.4 Fire Ball
1.5 Are You There?
1.6 One By One
1.7 Settle Down
1.8 Keep on Searching
1.9 Shake
1.10 Louise
1.11 Easy
1.12 Loneliest Night

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