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Artist: Cream

Artist: Cream
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Blues guitar virtuoso Eric Clapton, improvisational drum wizard Ginger Baker and the rich voice plus amped up bass grooves of Jack Bruce all combined make up the iconic 60s supergroup Cream. The ICON collection features 11 highlights from the brief, yet impactful recordings of Cream, including "Strange Brew," "Crossroads (Live)" and "Sunshine of Your Love."

1.1 I'm So Glad
1.2 White Room
1.3 Strange Brew
1.4 Tales of Brave Ulysses
1.5 Born Under a Bad Sign
1.6 Spoonful
1.7 Politician
1.8 Badge
1.9 Doing That Scrapyard Thing
1.10 Sunshine of Your Love
1.11 I Feel Free
1.12 Sweet Wine [Live at Winterland] [Live]
1.13 Rollin' and Tumblin' [Live at Fillmore West] [Live]
1.14 Crossroads [Live at Winterland] [Live]
1.15 Deserted Cities of the Heart [Live at Oakland] [Live]
1.16 Sunshine of Your Love [Live at Winterland] [Live]
1.17 I'm So Glad [Live at the Forum] [Live]
1.18 Sitting on Top of the World [Live at the Forum] [Live]

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