Crystal Antlers: Tentacles

Crystal Antlers: Tentacles
Title: Tentacles
Label: Touch & Go Records

"Tentacles" finds the Antlers exploding through the unclaimed space between 60s garage toughs like the Music Machine and the Misunderstood, red-eyed noiseniks like Guru Guru and Les Rallizes Denudes, and the mechanized motor soul of "Osmium"-era Parliament. It's an album that functions as an organism - it breathes, it sleeps, it wakes up hungry and ready to chase something down.

1.1 Painless Sleep
1.2 Dust
1.3 Time Erased
1.4 Andrew
1.5 Vapor Trail
1.6 Tentacles
1.7 Until the Sun Dies (Part 1)
1.8 Memorized
1.9 Glacier
1.10 Foot of the Mountain
1.11 Your Spears
1.12 Swollen Sky
1.13 Several Tongues

Crystal Antlers: Tentacles

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