Cuarteto De Querusa: Cuarteto de Querusa

Cuarteto De Querusa: Cuarteto de Querusa
Title: Cuarteto de Querusa
Label: CD Baby

The Cuarteto "De Querusa" have always received a great success in all performances and a very broad consensus among the dancers. The target is the dancers and the arrangements are aimed at the fun and excitement of the "ronda tanguera", with their 'Tango para emocionar', alchemical product of the sounds of acoustic guitar, clarinet and voice, that take us back to the sound of the "payadores" of the first period of tango, also used as a lead instruments in the orchestras of Lo Muto, Firpo, Arolas and Canaro, which melt with those of the bandoneon and the double bass more modern. The result is a warm and authentic sound that involves and excites and brings with it the magic of the roots of tango. Claudio 'Astorcito' Di Romualdo - Bandoneon Davide 'El Cachafaz' Ravasio - Clarinet and Voice Mauro 'El Crespo' Crespi - Acoustic Guitar Mauro 'El Morocho' Demoro - Double Bass.

1.1 Gallo Ciego
1.2 El Flete
1.3 Trenzas
1.4 Corazon de Oro
1.5 Milonga de Mis Amores
1.6 Rodriguez Peña
1.7 Esquinas Porteñas
1.8 Silueta Porteña
1.9 Fueron Tres Años
1.10 Felicia
1.11 A la Gran Muñeca
1.12 Que Te Importa Que Te Llore

Cuarteto De Querusa: Cuarteto de Querusa

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