Pound, Dan: Eros Thanatos

Dan Pound: Eros Thanatos
Title: Eros Thanatos
Label: CD Baby

Ambient composer Dan Pound brings forth an all new release for 2014, in this Very atmospheric, penetrating, searing and lush set of tracks based mostly on guitar soundscapes. Although synths, both analog and digital are prominent, the basis for each piece is guitar sound works. Dan says... 'After trying on some newly acquired guitar effects, I decided to do a whole album dedicated to these guitar sound worlds I was discovering. Using different guitars, effects, techniques and ideas, I was able to extrapolate a myriad of tonal timbres that resembled other instruments like organ, strings, oboes, bassoons and even human voices. Adding of course some deep layers of reverb, this sound set ended up being one of the most originally challenging and creative projects I've ever done.' The music follows the theme of the title 'Eros Thanatos', which in the Greek language means essentially 'Love and Death'. Flowing, breathing currents of soundscapes liquify into molting, ever changing aural colors of grace, beauty darkness and melancholy, in this mostly calming but at times ominously dark and mysterious music. Eight tracks of rich, deep zone, three dimensional ambient electronic space music awaits you in this new album, 'Eros Thanatos'

1.1 From Love and Grace
1.2 Finding Beauty
1.3 Between Breaths
1.4 Incarnate
1.5 Shadow in the Dark
1.6 Eros Thanatos
1.7 Towards the Light
1.8 From Beyond

Pound, Dan: Eros Thanatos

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