Dance Gavin Dance

Dance Gavin Dance: Downtown Battle Mountain II

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Product Type: CD

Title: Downtown Battle Mountain II
Label: Rise Records

After 6 years of non-stop, worldwide touring, Warped Tours, 5 releases, and over 100,000 CDs sold to date. Dance Gavin Dance's 5th and newest album DOWNTOWN BATTLE MOUNTAIN II is their proudest release to date. The album is a return to form in a sense, as it features all of the original members from the band's ground breaking debut album DOWNTOWN BATTLE MOUNTAIN Which alone has sold over 36,000 copies to date, and has quickly become a must have release for all screamo fans both old and new.

1.1 Spooks
1.2 Pounce Bounce
1.3 The Robot with Human Hair Pt. 2 1/2
1.4 Thug City
1.5 Need Money
1.6 Elder Goose
1.7 Heat Seeking Ghost of Sex
1.8 Blue Dream
1.9 Privilously Poncheezied
1.10 Swan Soup
1.11 Purple Reign

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