Daniel Domenge

Daniel Domenge: Patchwork

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Artist: Daniel Domenge

Artist: Daniel Domenge
Title: Patchwork

SMOOTHJAZZ.com 'listening loft' Catégorie : Musique Smooth Jazz is a universal language around the world. Take guitarist Daniel Domenge as an example, who resides in Languedoc-Roussillon... The large vineyard region is one of the 26 regions that make up France. The world-class guitarist has played professionally for some 20 years... his passion for Smooth Jazz finally drove him to record his debut album PATCHWORK. This flawless recording features a tantalizing return to retro influences, yet the beats and rhythms are cutting edge contemporary. Daniel's guitar work is buoyed by Fender Rhodes and Hammond B3 accents as he funkifies the audio environment with a 'wah wah' effect and alluring vocal accents. Three years in the making, PATCHWORK features exceptional performances from all contributing musicians and polished off by engineer Reynald Evrard. All of the songs are stunning... my favorites include the attention-grabbing, "Smoothjames," the Pat Menthy-esque "Influences," and the smooth and loungey "Last Summer." This French guitarist speaks fluent Smooth Jazz! ~SANDY SHORE.

1.1 Smoothjames
1.2 Cool
1.3 Nonchalance
1.4 Patchwork
1.5 Influences
1.6 Next One
1.7 Watercolour
1.8 Last Summer

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