Daniel Jazz Orchestra Hersog: Night Devoid Of Stars

Daniel Jazz Orchestra Hersog: Night Devoid Of Stars
Title: Night Devoid Of Stars
Label: Cellar Live

Art, especially the big band kind of art I make, draws on history, trends and standards. Tempting though it may seem to cloister oneself in the creative process, artists (myself included) are, first and foremost, humans trying to make sense of the turbulence of these times. This is my way through the social, political, and racial cleavages that came to define 2018. I wrote much of this in what can only be called the hangover of democracy, the groping in the dark that once venerable institutions were doing in 2018. Early in the morning, with the TV bellowing in the background, I got to work-the result is perhaps inadvertently, a political and social commentary If it was accidental, it also feels deeply essential. One could only ambitiously dream up a maiden voyage like this with a collection of talented friends and mentors. Fred Stride as producer and Frank Carlberg as pianist have shaped my musical output all the while demanding my writing remain a reflection of my own individual voice. Both brilliant composers in their own right, it was their zeal to share knowledge, and their friendship that buoyed me throughout this process. Featured soloist Noah Preminger is a dear friend, and my favorite saxophonist. His bravado, virtuosity, and audacious approach to the mastery of his instrument elevated all of us. Brad Turner has been the light on the hill in my musical life since I was a teenager, featuring his improvisational voice on this record is the realization of a decades long goal. I would like to thank each and every member of this ensemble for lending their unique voice to the realization of my music. The players deftly assimilated the written music, quickly surpassing what was on the page to fully contribute to this musical tapestry.

1.1 Cloud Break
1.2 Motion
1.3 Makeshift Memorial
1.4 Night Devoid of Stars
1.5 Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
1.6 Indelible
1.7 Song For Henrique

Daniel Jazz Orchestra Hersog: Night Devoid Of Stars

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