Daniel Moore

Daniel Moore: Riding a Horse & Holding Up the World

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Artist: Daniel Moore

Artist: Daniel Moore
Title: Riding a Horse & Holding Up the World

Born 1941 in Walla Walla Washington (one of the closest hospitals,) and raised with six brothers in Athena Oregon (18 miles north of Pendleton,) the son of a preacher man, Daniel Moore, went to college in Eugene for 3 years, then moved to Los Angeles to do music (1962.) Within two weeks he had a record deal, a lousy one (wrote his first song for it.) The year of 1963 was spent playing acoustic bass and singing backup with Jimmy Rogers, another northwesterner; and opening for him as a member of the Fairmount Singers. In 1965 he began producing records and publishing songs. In 1967 The Everly Brothers recorded Daniel's song, 'Deliver Me'. 1970 he joined Joe Cocker's, Mad Dogs and Enlishmen group and went on tour. Did an album for ABC Records as an artist, produced a bunch of records and began writing in earnest. In 1973 his composition, 'Shambala' became a million+ seller hit for Three Dog Night. Then another hit single 'My Maria' by his co-writer; B.W. Stevenson. Joe Cocker recorded several of Daniel's songs in 1975 and 1976 for A&M Records ('Jack-A-Diamonds, 'Put Out The Light,' If I Love You,' I Can't Say No.' Bonnie Raitt recorded the title cut, written by Daniel, 'Sweet Forgiveness' on Warner Bros. In 1976. 1979 Daniel produced Kim Carnes 1st album for EMI America Records, then in 1981 went on tour with her as a background singer. Meanwhile performing with Rabbit and the Renegade Band and The Moore Brothers Band in the Los Angeles area, Daniel continued his writing. Recently (1996) Brooks and Dunn recorded 'My Maria' and had a smash hit with it. Daniel co-wrote the song 'Fire In The Hole' which was released in the Steven Seagal movie 'Fire Down Below' (1997), also on the soundtrack CD. April 2003, Marcia Ball released her new album on Alligator Records titled 'So Many Rivers' featuring Daniel's C0-Write (with Jodi Siegel) of 'So Many Rivers To Cross.'

1.1 My Maria
1.2 Turn Around
1.3 Jack-A-Diamonds
1.4 Cross the Borderline
1.5 Let It Fly
1.6 Oregon (Give Me Wings)
1.7 The Wild One
1.8 Blaze Away
1.9 The Prettiest Eyes in California
1.10 Suzanne
1.11 Shambala
1.12 Take Good Care of Yourself

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