Darkstar: Musical Score from the Interactive Movie

Darkstar: Musical Score from the Interactive Movie
Title: Musical Score from the Interactive Movie
Label: CD Baby

Produced at the studios of Progressive Sound and Metal Worx®, composers Bill Bruce and Jimmy Pitts produced 38 songs to be edited into the interactive project. Bruce & Pitts penned the ambient tracks with the contributions of bassist J. Allen Williams (writer/director/producer of Darkstar) and guest Ruell Chappell (Ozark Mountain Daredevils) to help set an ominous mood in this tale of murder, deceit, and apocalypse. Fully instrumented rockers were also scored for action sequences, 12 of them featuring guest players Brent Frazier (guitars) & James Lee Dillard (percussion). These blazing instrumental compositions span the musical spectrum from guitar-oriented, flesh-ripping power tunes to passionate neo-classical piano pieces. The Darkstar score is simultaneously haunting and exhilarating. Check out the sound byte samples of this amazing progressive rock collection of songs specially crafted for Darkstar.

1.1 Surfing the Velvet Abyss
1.2 Mindscape
1.3 Mirrors Tell a Different Tale
1.4 Systematic Overload
1.5 Solar Wind Chimes
1.6 Lost in Eternity (Paige's Theme)
1.7 An Insignificant, Distant Nova
1.8 FDS2
1.9 Dementia in Absentia
1.10 Deceptive ; Dangerous
1.11 Noir in a Minor
1.12 Considered Gone
1.13 Light Years of Darkness
1.14 Requiem for a Blue Dot
1.15 147
1.16 Winds of Fate
1.17 Theoretical Paranoia
1.18 Falling Down Stairs
1.19 A Little Dream All My Own
1.20 Winds of Fate (Reprise)
1.21 Underneath
1.22 Light Years of Darkness (Reprise)
1.23 Another Time and Place
2.1 Bonechipper
2.2 Eternal Twilight
2.3 Day of Darkness
2.4 Tomorrow's Children
2.5 Corridors of Time
2.6 The Edge of Insanity
2.7 Knights of Vengeance
2.8 One Two One
2.9 Guardian
2.10 A Trinity of Sons
2.11 The Edge of Nowhere
2.12 Holy War
2.13 The Secret Sign
2.14 Psychic Pilgrims
2.15 Lasting Memory

Darkstar: Musical Score from the Interactive Movie

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