Dasher: Dear Humans

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Artist: Dasher

Artist: Dasher
Title: Dear Humans
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

2018 marks the year Dasher ended. Dasher is dead. Long live Dasher. However, before they packed it up, Kylee Kimbrough suggested recording their terminal show in Atlanta to capture their raw, swirling savagery. Do they play "Rambo"? "Soviet"? Nope, all new material. None of it had ever been recorded and none of it will ever be recorded again. Last show, remember?Anyway, recorded in a hodgepodge mix between a field recorder and iPhone, Dear Humans is a love letter for fans, but also captures the Bloomington, Indiana trio line up at the height of their powers.The cover is a photo of the stage shortly after they levelled one and the type? Well, it's all handwritten by seven-year old Charlotte Owings. Yep, it's a family affair.

1.1 Gary Danger
1.2 Nightmares
1.3 Numbers
1.4 Dear Humans
1.5 Encino Man
1.6 Time Flys

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