Dave Weckl Band

Dave Weckl Band: Synergy

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Artist: Dave Weckl Band

Artist: Dave Weckl Band
Title: Synergy

Fusion's most acclaimed drummer Dave Weckl, releases his latest effort, Synergy, that is chock full of awe-inspring, polyrhythmic, funky grooves for which Weckl is revered. A must have for fans. Track highlights include: "High Life," "Panda's Dream," "Swunk," "Cape Fear," "Wet Skin," "Swamp Thing," "Tower '99," "Where's My Paradise?" and more!

1.1 High Life
1.2 Panda's Dream
1.3 Swunk
1.4 A Simple Prayer
1.5 Cape Fear
1.6 Wet Skin
1.7 Synergy
1.8 Where's My Paradise?
1.9 Lucky Seven
1.10 Swamp Thing
1.11 Cultural Concurrence
1.12 Tower '99

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