David Carretta

David Carretta: Night Panic

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: David Carretta

Title: Night Panic
Label: Blackstrobe Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

David Carretta, well known for his releases on International Gigolo and as a pioneer of French electro/techno, is the author of a modern techno that paradoxically draws it's roots in the best of the 1980s. On Night Panic, his first solo album since 2008, the incisive and hypnotic melodies of "Face" and "Prince of the Cook", interpreted by David, or "Dark Candies" sung by the Berlin artist Aga Wilk, evoke his obsession for disco Italo and the seductive tones of the synth-pop of New Order or Depeche Mode. The martial beats and hypnotic synth lines of "Come Here Come Down", "Destination Love", or "In Case Of Emergency", recall the sound of the cold and percussive electronics of the EBM, a music nourished by the nihilism of punk and the metallic sounds of the industrial current, which had then invented Front 242 or Nitzer Ebb. However, on this fourth solo album, the French musician is never satisfied with pasticher the music of yesterday. It draws it's DNA, vocabulary and of course some of it's instruments, especially it's favorite synthesizer, the Sequential Circuits Pro One as well as the Korg MS-20, synthesizers formerly used by Vince Clark, DAF, or Dangerous Liaisons. "Dark Candies" features Romance Disaster.

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