David Hemann a. Father

David Hemann a. Father: Psalms of David

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Artist: David Hemann a. Father
Title: Psalms of David

Right from the start, this collection of Psalms and songs draws the listener into the peace of God's presence. Father David Hemann captures the spirit of David the shepherd and David the repentant king as he sets the foundation of these songs with rich and intricate guitar progressions accompanied by the strong yet gentle voice of a psalmist. These inspired and inspiring songs are laced with gorgeous cello accompaniments, angelic and mysterious harp parts, a hauntingly beautiful Irish whistle, and some huge choral arrangements that 'take you there!' As you prayerfully listen to these songs, you will be wrapped in the loving arms of the God of Love and encouraged to continue on your earthy walk with courage, peace, love, and joy.

1.1 Holy Presence (Prelude)
1.2 Psalm 51- Have Mercy on Me O God
1.3 Psalm 63- God, My God, I Long for You
1.4 Psalm 139- You Search Me and You Know Me
1.5 Psalm 116- I Love You Lord
1.6 Psalm 34- O Lord My God, I Cry to You
1.7 Psalm 27- One Thing I Ask
1.8 Psalm 131- Lord, My Heart Is Not Proud
1.9 Psalm 23- the Lord Is My Shepherd
1.10 Canticle of Mary- Magnificat

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