David Scott Crawford

David Scott Crawford: Belle Epoque

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Title: Belle Epoque
Label: CD Baby

'With 'Belle Epoque', David Scott Crawford has created a grand, epic exposition of contemporary progressive pop. Flush with literate lyrics and baroque arrangements, Crawford stretches out on his Steinway on ornate, richly decorated pop songs like "Black Box" and "Water From The Well." Crawford deftly weaves his artistic narratives through the layers of instrumentation so the melodies have space to breathe, and the density never feels cloying.' ILLINOIS ENTERTAINER - Patrick Conlan 'An imaginative storyteller with an astonishing range of musical styles that cut across cultures and eras... racy, maudlin and romantic themes and timbres to evoke an uncontrived theatrical realm of human fate and folly... 'Belle Époque' is rich in sweeping orchestrations and quirky chord changes reminiscent of everything from French operetta and musical theater to sultry jazz clubs and funky street musicians. Crawford's world is a marvelous stage for all that is grandly human.' LUCIA MAURO '... What can I say but..More please. An excellent intertwining of the musical instruments, emphasizing on the more than brilliant piano work. Loved the track ' A Lavender Day'. We have added the CD to our playlists. Great Work....' GRAHAM BARCLAY, Soundwave FM, Napier, New Zealand 'Bravissimo ... it's beautiful! Musically and sonically excellent... Evokes a great mood; very special.' PAUL BUCKMASTER, Grammy Award Winning Arranger and Composer 'Amazing... It really hits a note... It is the best sounding album I have heard in years...' TIM TOBIAS, Beachaus Productions ''Belle Époque' COMPLETELY DREW ME IN! The layers...the complexities...it's so interesting. ...it's thrilling... This is epic work... a beautiful album!' LORRAINE DENHAM, Host & creator of TV's "Lorraine's Chicago" 'I am really knocked out! What a gorgeous record ... brilliant production as well. Sweet!' BEN HOLLIS,Host & creator of "Wild Chicago" & Ben Hollis Worldwide 'What a wildly entertaining album! This is one of those records that keeps surprising you by changing in your ears each time you listen to it... Every track is wonderful, and the more you listen, the more you realize that this is not just a collection of songs, but a total musical experience meant to be savored from beginning to end...Don't miss it!' DAVID BRAVOS, Host of 'Lucid Apple' ''Belle Époque' is the perfect combination of fascinating lyrics and multi-layered music... David Scott Crawford is an extremely gifted songwriter and pianist. The songs on this pop nouveau album go from witty, outlandish fun to quiet introspection so I recommend you experience the whole album.' TERRY BECKER, Wicked Magpie Productions.

1.1 Into Highgate
1.2 Merry Little Afternoon
1.3 Requiem (Interlude)
1.4 Black Box (Theater)
1.5 Lavender Day
1.6 Belle Epoque
1.7 Water from the Well
1.8 Tuesday Morning (Before the Phone Rang)
1.9 Jane Eyre in Jeans
1.10 Dancing with Venus
1.11 Words
1.12 Abbesses
1.13 Pere Lachaise
1.14 Requiem (Finale)

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