Day of the Outlaw: Black Mountain Majesty

Day of the Outlaw: Black Mountain Majesty
Title: Black Mountain Majesty
Label: CD Baby

In the vast spread of Los Angeles, Stewart Eastham, Spurgeon Dunbar, Cosmo Jones, and Burke Ericson were brought together through of a set of seemingly random circumstances. In the summer of 2008, through this set of circumstances, Day Of The Outlaw was born. Stewart, Cosmo, and Burke had played together for years in the rock n roll band Minibike, but they were ready to take their sound to a new, more serious level. The first step was enlisting Spurgeon on lead guitar. They had heard of Spurgeon through a close friend who had pointed out that his guitar playing style and sensibility would mesh perfectly with the new sound they were creating. Taking the heart & soul of country 'n western music and mixing it with the pure rock fury of hard rock, Day Of The Outlaw was able to invent a genre all their own. Their 100% pure American music reaches across genres to bring music lovers of all types together, rocking side by side. With a batch of newly written songs under their arms, they entered the studio and began work on what would eventually become their epic masterwork, Black Mountain Majesty. They called upon the help of many additional Los Angeles friends and musicians to help create the sound of the album. The idea was to give the album the big production of their favorite rock n roll records, yet retain the intimacy and down-to-earth vibe of some of their favorite country records After weeks of endless rehearsals and mixing sessions for the album, the band played their first show together at the end of October. Based on that one show, they were the first band ever invited to perform live on MTV's new website In February of 2009, their album Black Mountain Majesty was complete. From hipster to hillbilly...from metal head to mullet head....they all hold their devil horns high for the unique sounds of Day Of The Outlaw. Lock up your livestock, load your weapons, & hide the women. Armed with their debut album Black Mountain Majesty, Day of the Outlaw will be bringing their wild and unpredictable live show to a town near you.

1.1 Truckin' Country
1.2 Confessor
1.3 Lost and Broken
1.4 The Fall
1.5 Can You Feel It
1.6 Crooked Tooth Smile
1.7 Morning Star
1.8 Master Disaster
1.9 Pickup
1.10 Peckerwood Slim
1.11 Misunderstood
1.12 Say 10
1.13 Lovely Demise
1.14 Drivin' Down
1.15 The Creep

Day of the Outlaw: Black Mountain Majesty

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