Dead Meadow

Dead Meadow: Warble Womb

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Artist: Dead Meadow

Artist: Dead Meadow
Title: Warble Womb

8th album from these Washington D.C. cult rockers-hypnotic, opium-dripping, psychedelic stoner rock with some ultra-trippy guitar licks. Undulating, float-by songs that you can sink into with a lit joint-and come out the other side, frazzle-brained & glassy-eyed with a huge, head-nodding smile. The tunes often lope along with an irresistible, riveting nonchalant attitude of druggy, mesmerizing & roots desert-soaked fuzz with integrated acid-sting guitar riffs that echo through eternity. "Warble Womb" continues the band's move toward more song-oriented material, resulting in an album that feels almost conceptual in the nature of it's dreary-drone heaviness. At 71 minutes long it may not be a knock-out punch, but when the fight is over you'll be on the floor, looking up at the sky and begging the stars for one more mystic kiss of the rock. Sometimes recalls Psychic Ills, Bevis Frond, Jimi Hendrix, the Black Angels, Arthur Lee, Wooden Shjips, the Entrance Band, Nebula.

1.1 Six to Let the Light Shine Thru
1.2 1000 Dreams
1.3 Mr. Chesty
1.4 I'm Cured
1.5 Warble Womb I
1.6 Yesterday's Blowin' Back
1.7 One More Toll Taker
1.8 Rains in the Desert
1.9 Burn the Here and Now
1.10 All Torn Up
1.11 In the Thicket
1.12 Copper Is Restless ('Til It Turns to Gold)
1.13 Warble Womb II
1.14 This Song Is Over
1.15 September

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