Declining Winter

Declining Winter: Goodbye Minnesota

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Product Type: CD

Title: Goodbye Minnesota
Label: Sensory Projects

Originally available as a mail order only item and limited in edition the Declining Winter is the solo musical project of Richard Vincent Adams of Leeds, England, a co-founder of Hood. "Goodbye Minnesota" is his debut album under this guise, following an acclaimed 7" on Misplaced Music and a sold out remix CD on Moteer. Ranging from epic claustrophobia to rustic folk-dub explorations, with spectral atmospheres anchored to pastoral roots, "Goodbye Minnesota" delivers hypnotic melancholia via abstract hiphop, shoegaze, dub and post rock explorations. Along the way there's also rain-drenched pop and globally warmed electronic folk. This record features contributions from Chris Adams (Hood, Bracken) and Chris.

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