Deke Leonard

Deke Leonard: Kamikaze: Remastered: Expanded Edition

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Deke Leonard

Title: Kamikaze: Remastered: Expanded Edition
Label: Esoteric

Digitally re-mastered and expanded edition of this 1974 album. Best known as a member of the legendary Welsh band Man, Deke Leonard also enjoyed a successful solo career in the early 1970s. Having departed Man in 1972, he was briefly a member of Help Yourself before pursuing a solo career, recording two albums in quick succession for the United Artists label. This second solo album was recorded between June 1973 and January 1974 at Rockfield studios, Chipping Norton studios and Olympic studios and featured Brian Breeze (guitar), Martin Ace (bass), KEITH HODGE (drums), Dave Charles (drums) and Man members Micky Jones, Terry Williams and Ken Whaley. "Kamikaze" charted in the UK and eventually led to Deke re-joining Man later that year. This edition features four bonus tracks, three of which are previously unreleased, drawn from the B-side of a single and sessions for Kamikaze. These include the first recorded version of the later Man classic "California, Silks & Satins" written by Deke Leonard and Malcolm Morley.

1.1 Cool Summer Rain
1.2 Jay Hawk Special
1.3 Sharpened Claws
1.4 Taking the Easy Way Out
1.5 The Black Gates of Death
1.6 Stacia
1.7 Broken Glass and Lime Juice
1.8 April the Third
1.9 Louisiana Hoedown
1.10 In Search of Sarah and Twenty Six Horses
1.11 The Devil's Gloves
1.12 She's a Cow
1.13 California Silks and Satins
1.14 Joyful Soul
1.15 Steel Painting Man

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