Delbert McClinton

Delbert McClinton: Definitive Collection

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Artist: Delbert McClinton
Title: Definitive Collection

1.1 Victim of Life's Circumstances
1.2 Two More Bottles of Win
1.3 Object of My Affection
1.4 Lesson in the Pain of Love
1.5 Honky Tonkin' (I Guess I Done Me Some)
1.6 Solid Gold Plated Fool
1.7 It's Love Baby 24 Hours a Day
1.8 Lipstick, Powder ; Paint
1.9 Before You Accuse Me
1.10 Lovey Dovey
1.11 Pledging My Love
1.12 I'm Dyin' As Fast As I Can
1.13 Special Love Song
1.14 Love Rustler
1.15 Under Suspicion
1.16 Ain't No More Cane
1.17 In the Jailhouse No
1.18 Sick and Tired
1.19 Lie No Better - Album Version
1.20 Have Mercy
1.21 Isn't That So?
1.22 I Don't Want to Hear It Anymore
1.23 Turn on Your Love Light

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