Diamond Reo: Dirty Diamonds

Diamond Reo: Dirty Diamonds
Artist: Diamond Reo
Title: Dirty Diamonds

The only real In-your-face hard rock act to blow out of Pittsburgh in the 1970s was this quartet of riff kings whose second album of explosive, earth shaking heaviness was the birth of modern arena rock as we know it. Obscure, but highly revered loud, mean, heavy rock, remastered for the first time on CD!

1.1 All Over You
1.2 It Ain't What You Say, It's What You Do
1.3 Scratch My Back
1.4 Mamma Let Your Love
1.5 It's a Jungle Out There
1.6 Lover Boy
1.7 Power
1.8 Bad News
1.9 Boys Will Be Boys
1.10 Helter Skelter

Diamond Reo: Dirty Diamonds

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