Dick Fregulia Trio

Dick Fregulia Trio: Art for Sale

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Artist: Dick Fregulia Trio
Title: Art for Sale

"What would an artist do in a situation like this?" That 's what I found myself asking. One thing, I guessed, would be to dig back into the bag of unfinished works, tidbits, leftover ingredients, etc., and pull out some elements that could be re-worked, combined in different ways, or added to with some new spices to create, yes, a new and legitimate work of art. So that's what I did. What I found was a commercially unsuccessful cassette called "Love for Sale" featuring a bunch of very good standards played with style by myself and Ken Plourde on bass, recorded in 1992 at two small recording studios in San Francisco. It swung and it expressed love, but it needed some touching up. So I contacted drummer Olaf Schiappacasse, who had played with both me and Ken in various situations over the past 20 years, and we arranged to record a drum track at Bear Creek Studio in Bonny Doon, near Santa Cruz. The results were startling - a solid jazz trio sound with lots of interplay and passion. If there is any doubt, the painting of Christopher Schink featured on the cover confirms that this is real art. Originally a drummer specializing in medium tempo swing, Christopher moved on to establish himself as an internationally recognized water color artist. Several of his jazz paintings are featured in the CD booklet. So there you have it. Art - yes, without a doubt - for sale, at a price that is, in the most basic sense of the word, cheap. If you purchase this work you will have completed the cycle as well as helped answer the basic philosophical question, "If nobody buys it, is it really art?" Dick Fregulia.

1.1 Sleeping Bee
1.2 Angel Eyes
1.3 Have You Met Miss Jones
1.4 You Leave Me Breathless
1.5 Get Out of Town
1.6 I Didn't Know About You
1.7 Will You Still Be Mine?
1.8 Easy Walker
1.9 Daydream
1.10 The Masquerade Is Over
1.11 Our Love Rolls on
1.12 Love for Sale
1.13 This Is All I Ask

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