Dick Holdstock & Carol

Dick Holdstock & Carol: San Francisco Shanties & Sea Songs of Californias

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Product Type: CD

Title: San Francisco Shanties & Sea Songs of Californias
Label: CD Baby

This album is a collection of sea songs and shanties of California's Gold Rush. The excitement of the quest for gold. The discomforts of the voyage, and the many disappointments encountered by the miners are all eloquently included in these songs.

1.1 Oh California
1.2 Santy Ana
1.3 Sacramento
1.4 Callerforney
1.5 John Kanaka
1.6 Frisco Ship
1.7 Coming Around the Horn
1.8 Whisky Johnny
1.9 Ho for California
1.10 Humbug Steam Ship Companies
1.11 Shanghai Brown
1.12 A Ripping Trip
1.13 The Five Gallon Jar
1.14 California Boy
1.15 Hog Eye Man
1.16 The Dying Californian
1.17 Homeward Bound

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