Dimmer Switch

Dimmer Switch: Dimmer Switch

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Artist: Dimmer Switch

Artist: Dimmer Switch
Title: Dimmer Switch

This self titled full length CD features 11 songs that were recorded over 6 months in 2014 at Black in Bluhm recording studios in Denver, CO and are high energy punk rock songs reminiscent of early 90's skate punk bands such as AFI, Bayside, Alkaline Trio, Green Day and others that inspired the sounds of the album. Wailing guitars and driving drum beats set the backdrop for the song themes that touch on relationships and conscious thought, as well as life and death and coping in the world today.

1.1 Dissociate
1.2 Where Have I Gone
1.3 Circles
1.4 Breath of Life
1.5 Truth
1.6 Romans 3:23
1.7 Sympathy
1.8 Waiting for You
1.9 Address Unknown
1.10 Broad Caste
1.11 The Disclosure

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