Dinero: Money Power & Honor

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Artist: Dinero

Artist: Dinero
Title: Money Power & Honor

Dinero is an up coming rapper from the mean streets of el monte California,who's ability to rap has taken him where he never thought posible. He has work with major producers aswell as such artist like big syke ,bad ass, down aka kilo ,a.l.t the saint ,conejo, spanky loco, and the list gos on !!!His long awaited CD MONEY POWER & HONOR is packed with 24 banging tracks an a arsonell of the games hottest rappers !!this is a must get CD so don't sleep on Dinero !!

1.1 Intro
1.2 From These Streets
1.3 Get Your Roll on
1.4 Never Know
1.5 Madness
1.6 Who Shot Ya'll
1.7 I Like
1.8 No Regrets
1.9 Gun-Related
1.10 Cars Intermission
1.11 The Weekend
1.12 You Ain't Gotta
1.13 Trying-To-Survive
1.14 Same O Thing
1.15 Cali Livin
1.16 Ridin' Thru My Hood
1.17 Fear in Your Heart
1.18 Killa Cali
1.19 Like Yesterday
1.20 Dinero I'm a Hustla
1.21 Get Your Money
1.22 Baby
1.23 Get Your Money
1.24 Baby
1.25 [CD-ROM Track]

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