Dip in the Pool: Retinae

Dip in the Pool: Retinae
Artist: Dip in the Pool
Title: Retinae
Product Type: VINYL LP

On Retinae' was released in 1989 by Dip in the Pool, which has been re-discovered from around the world, as proven by a reissue of the album from an overseas labels two years ago. This has been a long-awaited reissue! In addition to Masyako Koda and Tatsushi Kimura, members of MARIAH, Yasuaki Shimizu, etc. Participated in this work through the album. The genre of New Wave, Ambient alone can not be stopped, the present has caught up with the style that was ahead of it's time. Listen to this masterpiece now!

1.1 On Retinae (West Version)
1.2 A Green Spangled Deer
1.3 Maroon Suit
1.4 Over The Rainbow
1.5 Land
1.6 A Quasi Quadrate
1.7 Kesalan
1.8 Six - Lovesixy
1.9 Gladiolus (Breath Mix)
1.10 On Retinae

Dip in the Pool: Retinae

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