Dorian: Everyday Warrior: Acoustic Neo Soul for Your Soul

Dorian: Everyday Warrior: Acoustic Neo Soul for Your Soul
Title: Everyday Warrior: Acoustic Neo Soul for Your Soul
Label: CD Baby

"Every song on Everyday Warrior was created out of a need to take my music to the next level," says up and coming indie artist, Dorian. "EW infuses acoustic and neo soul music with conscious lyrics that inspire me to take the challenges I go through on a daily basis and see them as something that I can move through like a warrior! EW was meant to awaken the warrior in everybody who listens to it!" More than just acoustic and neo soul that you can kick-back and groove to, EW really is conscious, uplifting music that will get you through the day in a better way. It really is soul music for your soul. Singer/ songwriter, actor, urban yogi and music healer, Dorian's EW is heavily influenced by artists like: Stevie Wonder and India Arie. Dorian says he works to model his career after D.J., singer-songwriter and activist, Michael Franti. "So, the energetic intention that drives my music is inspired by the Oakland, California native's career path". Dorian says, "Even though it's a completely different genre, what Franti does through his music is what I'd love to do through mine: Inspire people on a soul level!" In Dorian's, east coast hometown Washington, D.C. The radio airwaves were flooded with artists like Earth, Wind and Fire, the socially conscious Marvin Gaye and Curtis Mayfield. So, he couldn't help but be influenced by these artists and more! Dorian's honest, soulful vocals on EW, his old school/ new age sound and his conscious lyrics are bound to move you and...awaken the everyday warrior in you every time you listen to it! Dorian's EW was produced by mutli-instrumentalist and composer Joy Julks. Dorian says, 'A sister out of San Francisco, Joy's deep spiritual consciousness and commitment to creating an ultimate listening experience for every song really merged with the lyrics and melodies I wrote to create good music that you can move your body and heal your soul to!' EW is the up and coming east coast born, west coast - Los Angeles - based artist, Dorian's debut release. Lyrics and Melodies by / Dorian Produced, Recorded and Mixed / Musical Compositions / All Instruments played by (except where noted) / Joy Julks Mastered by/ David Laney, Channel Fuse Media (CFM) Memphis, TN Graphic Design and Cover Layout/ DiscMasters, Maple Park, IL Cover Photography by/ Joel Grimes Photography, Pasadena, CA Executive Producer/ Dorian Other Musicians and vocalists: TRACK 1: Background Vocals with/ Candace Afia / Jaelyn Jones TRACK 6: Background Vocals with/ Lorene Chesley: TRACK 9: Violin and Viola by/ Chris Woods / Cello by/ Adrienne Woods ABOUT EW PRODUCER, JOY JULKS.... Joy Julks is a Los Angeles based multi-instrumentalist and composer for film and television. As a bassist, she has recorded and performed with jazz saxophonists Pharoah Sanders and John Handy; Latin Jazz sensations Pete Escovedo and Sheila E.; has toured with vocalist Angela Bofil and recorded with piano virtuoso Patrick Palomo. Her smooth jazz music, played with saxophonist Sapphron Obois, can be heard on BET JAZZ CENTRAL.

1.1 I Am
1.2 Alone
1.3 Glow
1.4 Natural High
1.5 Traffic
1.6 Beyond Words
1.7 You're Free
1.8 Are You Blue?
1.9 Hey, I'm a Human Being
1.10 No More Stumblin'

Dorian: Everyday Warrior: Acoustic Neo Soul for Your Soul

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