Dorman / Smoke & Mirrors Percussion Ensemble: Smoke & Mirrors

Dorman / Smoke & Mirrors Percussion Ensemble: Smoke & Mirrors
Title: Smoke & Mirrors
Label: Yarlung Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

"Yarlung Records newly recorded and released Smoke & Mirrors walked away with this year's top prize! "... This recording's huge dynamic range (this is not a piece for the weak willed amplifier), instrumental colors and especially cornucopia of percussion instruments including bass drum... will give even a thoroughbred audio system everything it can handle and even a bit more."-Myles AstorHere's a relatively new label dedicated to recording young and established concert artists with minimalist recording techniques using vacuum tube microphones recorded directly to two tracks. [Smoke & Mirrors Percussion Ensemble presents] a wide tapestry of rhythms and harmonics skillfully arrayed across a broad and deep soundstage. There's an immediacy, clarity, and transparency to this modern classical percussion recording that seemingly brings the performers to your living room.-Jim Hannon, Publisher & Senior Writer, The Absolute SoundSmoke & Mirrors takes us on many journeys in this album. These are refreshingly fully-developed works, each very different from the others, each with it's own story. As a whole, these pieces illustrate the breadth of contemporary classical music written for percussionists, as well as the flexibility and virtuosity of Smoke & Mirrors. We recorded each piece live to tape with no editing, to create the most lifelike performance possible. Take heart in Smoke & Mirrors, who actually play this way (and this well) in real life.

1.1 Udacrep Akubrad
1.2 Juego de Relojes
1.3 Watch Me Vanish, Watch Me?
1.4 Happenstance
1.5 Sonatine

Dorman / Smoke & Mirrors Percussion Ensemble: Smoke & Mirrors

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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