Doss: Doss

Doss: Doss
Artist: Doss
Title: Doss
Product Type: VINYL LP

Doss bursts forth into our reality by stepping sideways from one where the 90s boom never ended - an alternate Earth of curved, shining surfaces and stroking colours. As a producer and singer exploring "Electronica" as a concept, Doss sidesteps the revivalist tag by reaching across genres, from trip hop and trance to liquid drum & bass and Eurodance, and warping them into something simultaneously nostalgic and futuristic. Perhaps what makes her music so vital is that she manages to avoid using her influences as obvious templates.

1.1 The Way I Feel
1.2 Softpretty
1.3 Here Tonight
1.4 Extended Mix

Doss: Doss

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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