Dr. McKeithen Sheila

Dr. McKeithen Sheila: Daily Dose of Motivation

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Product Type: CD

Title: Daily Dose of Motivation
Label: CD Baby

After a successful 3 year run on radio (outside of the USA), and another 2 years on the shelf (collecting dust), Dr. Sheila was asked by New York Saxophonist, Mel Holder, to make these motivating thoughts available to people who wanted clear and direct inspiration--a kind of 'to the point' message that reminded them they could get up, move on, and succeed; even if they believed they could not. It wasn't until the untimely death of vocalist Carl Anderson that she stepped out on this project and finished it. As she lamented over the loss of a great voice in Carl Anderson, she could hear him respond back to her saying, 'What about your voice?' That did it! She blew the dust off of the CD and went into production. To avoid further delay, Mr. Holder was kind enough to permit the music from his CD entitled: Now and Forever, The Continuation' (featuring Jonathan Butler) to be used as the background music. The CD would NOT be just another spoken word CD, but one that reminded the listener that he/she must be an active participant in the game called 'life.' The bottom line is this: no matter how big or small your goal or dream, it has one key ingredient and that ingredient is YOU!!! The 12 selections on the CD each offer a challenge and the intention is for the listener to be transformed by the work he or she does for him/herself, with a spill over effect on the world. The CD will challenge listeners to reach new heights. It further serves as a reminder that you have to do your own work to achieve the result desired. The CD's insert is a vital part of the CD package for it contains a task associated with each motivating selection. So, READ THE CD'S INSERT for maximum benefit. Get ready for as many changes as you are willing to work towards. It's your life and you get to choose the pace at which you will travel. The CD will support you without judgment. You get to choose where you will begin and how the end result will look for you. What we know is only those with positive intentions for themselves and others will be drawn to this CD. We get to change our world by changing 1) our response to it and 2) the way we participate in it. 'Now there is no doubt in my mind that you can be an instrument of change in your life and the world. The question is not can you be an instrument of change, but will you be such an instrument?' Until we meet, BE GOOD TO YOURSELF!

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