Drawn From Bees

Drawn From Bees: Boy & the Ocean

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Drawn From Bees

Title: Boy & the Ocean
Label: CD Baby

Drawing on their influences of art and literature, the first EP is a tale of survival, struggle and desolation, set against a backdrop of seafaring antiquity. The principal character begins his sojourn quite carelessly bathing in the ocean safely near the harbor of his sail ship ("A Mighty Splash"). However the wrath of the ocean is soon unleashed as a thunderous gale ravishes the ship and crew leaving our hero adrift and isolated at sea. Visions of ghostly terrors and the haunting whisper of perishing hope echo through the caverns of the young boys mind as he struggles to cope with all encompassing struggle he is forced to endure ("English Line" & "Ready to Explode"). The story draws to a close as our champion contemplates equal parts hopefulness and despair as he finds himself through a twist of fate, to be washed upon a shore ("The Picture Show"). Overcoming shear exhaustion, the sole survivor manages to gather the strength to battle to his feet, he surveys the surroundings of his refuge - he finds himself captive of an insignificant island hidden amongst the immensity of an endless ocean, the last glimmer of hope slips away (Talk to God).

1.1 A Mighty Splash (Entre)
1.2 All This Time
1.3 English Line
1.4 Ready to Explode
1.5 Picture Show
1.6 Talk to God (Exeunt)

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