Dream Theater

Dream Theater: Dream Theater

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Artist: Dream Theater

Artist: Dream Theater
Title: Dream Theater

Dream Theater's brand new self-titled opus is a masterpiece of ambition, adventure and redefined purpose. Dream Theater heralds an exceptionally energized and profoundly dynamic emergent chapter for the melodic, progressive and consistently heavy masters of hard rock invention. Dream Theater serves as both entry-point for curious newcomers and shining beacon to longtime devotees. It is a landmark statement befitting of not only the band's multiple milestones, but of their increasing prowess, perseverance and overall fulfillment from creating diverse, nuanced and atmospheric compositions.

1.1 False Awakening Suite
1.2 The Enemy Inside
1.3 The Looking Glass
1.4 Enigma Machine
1.5 The Bigger Picture
1.6 Behind the Veil
1.7 Surrender to Reason
1.8 Along for the Ride
1.9 Illumination Theory

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