Drive-by Truckers

Drive-by Truckers: English Oceans

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Product Type: VINYL LP

Title: English Oceans
Label: Ato Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing include live album, bonus live DVD and a digital download of the album ENGLISH OCEANS.

1.1 First Air of Autumn
1.2 Grand Canyon
1.3 Made Up English Oceans
1.4 The Part of Him
1.5 Feb 14
1.6 Panties in Your Purse
1.7 Dead Drunk and Naked
1.8 Shit Shots Count
1.9 First Air of Autumn (Live)
1.10 Grand Canyon (Live)
1.11 Made Up English Oceans (Live)
1.12 The Part of Him (Live)
1.13 Feb 14 (Live)
1.14 Panties in Your Purse (Live)
1.15 Dead Drunk and Naked (Live)
1.16 Shit Shots Count (Live)
1.17 Black Ice Vérité Introduction (DVD)
1.18 Primer Coat (DVD)
1.19 The Part of Him (DVD)
1.20 Shit Shots Count (DVD)
1.21 When He's Gone (DVD)
1.22 Hearing Jimmy Loud (DVD)
1.23 Pauline Hawkins (DVD)
1.24 Made Up English Oceans (DVD)
1.25 Hanging on (DVD)
1.26 Till He's Dead or Rises (DVD)
1.27 Natural Light (DVD)
1.28 When Walter Went Crazy (DVD)
1.29 First Air of Autumn (DVD)
1.30 Grand Canyon (DVD)

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