The Dunes

The Dunes: Socializing with Life

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Product Type: CD
Artist: The Dunes

Artist: The Dunes
Title: Socializing with Life

Debut album "Socializing with Life" comes after four years of touring Canada and building a solid core fan base from the many live shows. Influences on "Socializing with Life", include a mixture of Radiohead and Sam Roberts inspired dynamics and a Beatles-esque knack for harmony laid over Clash-styled boisterous, energetic backbeats.

1.1 Now
1.2 Sunflower Eyes
1.3 Hurry Up
1.4 Calling All Cars
1.5 Easiest
1.6 Do It All the Time
1.7 Rio Grande
1.8 What You Wanted
1.9 Kennedys
1.10 Lost

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