Dutch Uncles

Dutch Uncles: Ghost of Everything

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Dutch Uncles

Title: Ghost of Everything
Label: CD Baby

'A bit like late-night radio tuned into a time warp, the Dutch Uncles CD 'The Ghost of Everything' echoes through the country rock frequencies ranging from Buddy Holly to the Jayhawks, but these guys from Southwest New Hampshire carve their own eclectic groove. Dark dreamy melodies and rockabilly backbeats crackle into psychedelic interludes while cerebral lyrics sweeten in star-crossed harmonies. If New England wants to lay claim to it's own independent and contemporary sound, it might want to adopt the Dutch Uncles.' - Rick Broussard, Editor, New Hampshire Magazine (Feb 2009 issue) We are The Dutch Uncles. None of us is Dutch, or an uncle ... yet. But we offer this collection to you, the discerning music fan, in the hopes that you will hear what we put into it. We wrote, recorded, mixed and mastered everything on this album with the pure intent of making something we could be proud of, something that we'd want to listen to. Please enjoy, and tell your friends. Thanks. Dutch uncle n. A stern, candid critic or adviser. The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition. Copyright © 2006 by Houghton Mifflin Company. You're still reading? That's good. OK, so we are Robin Kennedy and Andreas Lawrence. We're in New Hampshire, home of glacial erratics, pine trees and musical recluses. Boston's WXRV, The River recently featured us on their Homegrown spot. Ephraim Lowell did a lot in this collection, too - chiefly drums but some bass and few licks here and there. When he isn't busy playing with Roomfull of Blues, he makes music any other way he can. We're all fragments and remains of a once mighty jam rock band called Justin Case, who played around New England and twice graced the stage of of CBGBs. What else do you wanna know? Man, you're curious, aren't you? well, drop us a line and we'll tell you. Thanks for visiting.

1.1 Everything
1.2 Hang on to the Sun
1.3 Out of the Clouds
1.4 Me and That Cat
1.5 Difference Between Us
1.6 Burnin' Bush
1.7 Million Years
1.8 Start the Engines
1.9 Safe at Home
1.10 Real
1.11 Anthem
1.12 Ambroise Vollard (Patron Saint of the Avant Garde)
1.13 [Untitled]

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