Es Posthumus

Es Posthumus: Unearthed

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Es Posthumus

Title: Unearthed
Label: CD Baby

Es Posthumus is a band that fuses classical, electronica, world music and hard beats into a sound that is entirely unique. The cinematic quality of their compositions can be heard in film and television on every continent. Fronted by brothers Helmut and Franz Vonlichten, Es Posthumus will not disappoint those music lovers looking for something fresh yet timeless...The song 'Nara' is the theme to the CBS hit drama 'Cold Case'.

1.1 Antissa
1.2 Tikal
1.3 Harappa
1.4 Ulaid
1.5 Ebla
1.6 Nara
1.7 Cuzco
1.8 Nineveh
1.9 Lepcis Magna
1.10 Menouthis
1.11 Estremoz
1.12 Pompeii
1.13 Isfahan

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