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Ego & the Ids: Kinemortophobia

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Artist: Ego & the Ids

Artist: Ego & the Ids
Title: Kinemortophobia

Ego and the Ids have some pretty spooky and scary songs on this CD. Appropriately called Kinemortophobia (fear of the undead), it is a musical story about the impending Zombie Apocalypse and it is available just in time for Halloween. Ego and The Ids defies classification by focusing on creating music which paints landscapes in the minds of listeners. As all other endeavors by this band, the songs are timely and poignant. Their experimental nature will lure you in with melodic charm. Suffice it to say that if you enjoy Gothic-themed music, Ego and The Ids delivers every time. This album will take you on an emotional roller-coaster ride with songs like 'On and On and On' which was written for the Occupy Movement in Portland, Oregon. 'In The Night' is about idealized, unattainable love; 'Girl I Knew' and 'Voice' about growing up and missed opportunities. One deliciously spooky song on this album is the self-explanatory instrumental 'Post Apocalyptic Hoedown' which will make you want to get up and dance. 'Knight in The Abyss' is a collaboration between Ego and The Ids and rap artist Scholar. This song reminds us of the universal human struggle and angst that comes from introspection, questioning and doubting our own beliefs. We've all been there. 'SHTF' warns us that right around the corner, the Zombie Apocalypse looms near and is a tribute to zombie hunter extraordinaire, Mr. Bruce Campbell. 'Zombies At The Door' is a hilarious account of a person's first account with zombies. The production of this album, whose working title was 'Love and Zombies' was entirely funded with the support of friends and fans. As with the previous Ego and The Ids albums, Kinemortophobia is a trip into an alternative reality... a parallel universe not so far away.

1.1 Voice
1.2 Knight in the Abyss
1.3 On and on and on
1.4 Post Apocalypctic Hoedown
1.5 Girl I Knew
1.6 In the Night
1.7 Zombies at the Door
1.8 SHTF

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