Einstein's Sister

Einstein's Sister: Einsteins Sister

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Title: Einsteins Sister
Label: CD Baby

'Einstein's Sister' began as a series of basement demos recorded in the fall of 1995. We began selling these 'demo tapes' at our acoustic shows and eventually raised enough money to have the 8-track home recordings professionally mixed (or saved) by Tom Tatman at Catamount Recording in early 1996. We often refer to this CD as our 'demo on steroids' or 'the little demos that could.' Not only did this CD bring us regional radio and television attention (big fish, little pond), it also gave us an excuse to start the band. Due to many requests, we re-released the album in the fall of 1999, complete with new packaging & artwork, a mastering upgrade, as well as several bonus tracks, including a Christmas single recorded after the album's original release.

1.1 Juliette's in Waiting
1.2 Second Time Around
1.3 Put Me to the Test
1.4 Don't Let Our Eyes Meet
1.5 Play God
1.6 My Own Country
1.7 King in Name Alone
1.8 Girl Called Love
1.9 Love Is Habit
1.10 Little Known Fact
1.11 Town of Pain
1.12 All I Want for Christmas
1.13 King in Name Alone (Demo)
1.14 Girl Called Love (Demo)
1.15 My Own Country (Live)
1.16 Little Reminders
1.17 House of Liars (Demo)
1.18 Fallen Icon (Demo)

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