Eleanore Mills: This Is Eleanore Mills

Eleanore Mills: This Is Eleanore Mills
Title: This Is Eleanore Mills
Label: Soul Brother Records

Eleanore Mills is a classic Soul singer with a sweet and sophisticated voice, who recorded her debut album 'This is Eleanore Mills' for the Sylvia Robinson's All Platinum subsidiary Astroscope in 1974. The album has a broad range of Soul and early Disco/Soul cuts. It did not sell in vast numbers on it's initial release but has become heavily in demand in the last 20 years and appeals to a broad spectrum of Soul and Disco collectors and DJ's.. Original copies are highly collectable and in mint condition LPs now sell for around £300- £400, the CD at around £50. Eleanore went on to record with Norman Connors on his 'This Is Your Life' album in 1977 (recently issued on CD by Soul Brother) and then developed into singing Soulful house having a huge record with 'Mr. Right' in the late 80's.

1.1 Fascinating, Devastating Man
1.2 I'm Gonna Get You
1.3 He Said Goodbye
1.4 How Can I Love You
1.5 Same Routine
1.6 Stop Accusing Me
1.7 Telegram
1.8 Teach Me
1.9 Where Were You
1.10 Something on Your Mind
1.11 Singing the Blues

Eleanore Mills: This Is Eleanore Mills

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