Electric Rubyfish

Electric Rubyfish: Lucky World

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Artist: Electric Rubyfish
Title: Lucky World

These songs are a collaboration of original music written by Brit transplant Andy Jones and his writing partner Dale Tangeman with lyrical contributions by James Occhino (on Girls Talking). Andy Jones enlisted the services of drummer Ruperto Ifil to arrange and produce this CD. The result is a high energy product, that respects the integrity of the original compositions. Sit back, relax and enjoy the journey.

1.1 Upside Down Right Now
1.2 Lucky World
1.3 Looking for Work
1.4 Girls Talking
1.5 Chain of Circumstance
1.6 Cover of Dark
1.7 Distant Thunder
1.8 Challenge Me Again
1.9 Outstanding Issues
1.10 Love Is a Big House
1.11 People Are Watching
1.12 Evil Woman
1.13 Old Days in Abysinnia
1.14 Test Kitchen
1.15 What's the Answer
1.16 As You Float Away

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