Electric Sorcery

Electric Sorcery: Electric Sorcery II

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Artist: Electric Sorcery
Title: Electric Sorcery II

Electric Sorcery II Derek Campbell - Vocals, Guitar & Harmonica Luke Laplant - Electric Wind Instrument, Baritone Saxophone, Keyboards Micah Carbonneau - Drums & Percussion+ Vocals (track 7),Rhythm & Harmony Guitar (tracks 6,7,10) & Bass (Track 7) Produced & Engineered By D. Campbell With Electric Sorcery At Lyndonunderground Studio Lyndonville, VT Mastered by Bennet Shapir at Madtech Sound Reinforcement Cover Art by Erin Inglis Reviews: ...'Electric Sorcery is a band that pulls ideas and sounds from all over, diving between styles with gleeful abandon.'... - Worcester Telegram & Gazette ...'Quite a work of art... This band has a tight, trippy sound that can mesmerize you and take you to a happy place.' - Broken Records Magazine ...'A swirling, throbbing, pulsating collection of tunes that mix one part progressive rock with two parts of psychedelia to concoct their own brand of music.' - Jerry Lucky ...'This is a dynamic and fun (ky) listen, the band pulling in many influences to create their unique vision. Lovers of Psychedelia and Space Rock should love this... give it a listen, this is groovy stuff.' - Dutch Progressive Rock Page ...'Sounds from far away depths are excavated and thrown around in cosmic swirls weighed down by heavy, dark psychedelia. This is not your momma's music. In fact, it's no ones music but Electric Sorcery. They fire branded it on your ass.' - Soundcentury.com ...'Electric Sorcery doesn't lend it's musical output to any simple categorization or conveniently available descriptions... this northern Vermont trio finds these roots amazingly ductile, stretching into abstract stylistic hyperstrings that always work... Electric Sorcery is, in it's own inimitable fashion, all over the place, albeit in a cool and listenable way'. - Progression Magazine ...'Electric Sorcery takes psychedelic music firmly rooted in the 70s and adds their own special twist. Funky rhythms and psychedelic guitar riffs come together to create an intriguing sound that is sometimes very heavy.... This is a fun listen and anyone who gravitates towards the psychedelic sounds of the 70s needs to hear this disc pronto. Enough said'. - SeaOfTranquility.org ...'Melodic full throttle power energy, grooving bass lines and precise drumming help create Electric Sorcery's progressive sound. The album has unique characteristics that make it an unmistakable contribution to the psychedelic genre. The sounds that the band discovered and used throughout the album radiate cheerful vibes. Listening to the album is like entering a cavern of interesting reverberations. Although there might be similarities to other music, Electric Sorcery is certainly a different kind of alternative band.' - Bryan Farrish Radio Promotion ...'Yoooooooooooooo, sick sick sick sounds man. Love the album!' - Alan Evans from Soulive..

1.1 Three Eyes
1.2 Horpus Richter
1.3 Deeper
1.4 S.O.B
1.5 The Urge
1.6 Konsequench
1.7 Little Warrior
1.8 Year of the Eel
1.9 Apparition
1.10 Inkriminated

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