Elgato: Fire Walk with Us

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Artist: Elgato

Artist: Elgato
Title: Fire Walk with Us

This album is our second album, and we are proud of it. It's built as a whole and complete stuff with transcending atmosphere. If you like rock music, you'll find here the taste of it, from the roots of the 70's - with the 90's touch - up to the nowadays way of doing it. Like in the great tradition, it is made of two parts, like two sides, the first one more powerful and energic while the second echoes it in a more laidback and hypnotic tone. Each track is unique, wrought and polished, each with it's own story. It's a collective and opened work which let's place for friends and confluence. But, despite of that, all tracks are linked together. Maybe because there is a ghost in this album, like a shadow you can feel everywhere. And we won't name it. Yes, some things should be neither named nor talked about, some things are just to be listened to. So now, listen and enjoy...

1.1 DHL
1.2 The Harmonic Song
1.3 Tough Guy
1.4 Heart Bit
1.6 Monsters
1.7 Riing
1.8 Zoo
1.9 Rainbow
1.10 The Box
1.11 The World Song II
1.12 The Birth Song

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