Eoin Harrington: Confess

Eoin Harrington: Confess
Title: Confess
Label: CD Baby

Classic Irish meets classic American is what comes to mind when listening to the music of Eoin (pro-nounced Owen) Harrington. Add a modern pop element, and you'll get a sense of his sophomore album called CONFESS. Drawing together influences from '70s rock, blues, classical and his native Irish, Harrington has developed a style all his own. Vocally, he has the ability to fly a falsetto high over the top of a tall heartbreak story or rhythmically deliver a pocket vocal groove. Voice aside, it is the songwriting that sets him apart, evidenced by his multiple Songwriter awards. His structure and compositions are both unique and yet familiar, all at once. For CONFESS, he has compiled 11 original songs that are divided into two distinct suites to house what he refers to as "confessions." "The concept being that all creations are confessions of a sort-love, hate, greed, despair, disappointment, hope, whatever it may be," he explains. "This CD is a series of confessions based on what has happened in my life since the last album. "The more upbeat suite is called Let It Out, while the more reflective suite is Hold It In. "Let It Out," he says, "contains songs like 'Whatever I Want to Say,' 'Speak Your Mind,' 'Now or Never' and the title song 'Confess.' The more introspective, nostalgic and reflective Hold It In suite has titles like 'Help,' 'Before I Fall' and 'New Year's Day.'" "New Years Day" was part of a three-song EP Harrington released over the holidays via iTunes. This bittersweet song, skillfully-crafted to build to a powerful, uplifting crescendo, has enjoyed radio airplay in Ireland and the U.S. CONFESS was produced by Harrington, Alex Newburg and Alan Hertz. It was mixed by Jason Moss in Los Angeles and Alan Hertz in San Francisco. It represents a progression for Harrington from his 2008 debut recording, the well-received STORY, of which Music Connection Magazine wrote: "His debut shines with stellar song craft and a distinctive, audience-pleasing artistry." The multi-talented Harrington, who only recently gave up his "day job" as a chemical engineer, is known for his high-energy live performances both here on the West Coast and back in his home country as well as opening for artists such as Alanis Morrisette, The Counting Crows, The Fray, Natasha Beddingfield, Brandi Carlile and Zach Brown. At a recent appearance at the TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) Conference held in the Silicon Valley, he charmed the organizers by writing a song especially for the auspicious event. "Eoin is a master storyteller," wrote Independent Musician Magazine, "a magician when it comes to putting words and music together in such a way that you find yourself singing his songs for weeks after hearing them." Harrington's passionate vocal style, energetic stage presence and infectiously catchy songs make him one of the most intriguing performers to emerge from the San Francisco music scene in many years.

1.1 Confess
1.2 Whatever I Want to Say
1.3 I Love It
1.4 Maybe
1.5 Now or Never
1.6 Speak Your Mind
1.7 Before I Fall
1.8 Help
1.9 I'm Sorry
1.10 Hear Me Love
1.11 New Years Day

Eoin Harrington: Confess

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