Epiphora: Watery Eye

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Epiphora

Title: Watery Eye
Label: CD Baby

Some songs have a fast beat and driving rhythm, while others are soothing, relaxing, and meditative. The most common reaction to Epiphora music is that it sounds not only familiar, but also like it belongs on a soundtrack.

1.1 What Lies Ahead
1.2 Voice of An Angel
1.3 Shawnee
1.4 Motive #6
1.5 The Way Out (Soundscape)
1.6 Wait a Minute
1.7 Song for My Sisters
1.8 Deserted Arizona Gas Station
1.9 A Taste of Nylon
1.10 Equinox (Parts I ; II)
1.11 Sad But True
1.12 Please Hold
1.13 Voice of An Angel (Instrumental)
1.14 Song for My Sisters (Acoustic Instrumental)
1.15 Sad But True (Instrumental)

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