Eric Dolphy

Eric Dolphy: Twelve Classic Albums: 1959-1962

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Artist: Eric Dolphy

Artist: Eric Dolphy
Title: Twelve Classic Albums: 1959-1962

Jazz alto saxophonist, flautist and bass clarinetist, Eric Dolphy was also fluent in clarinet, piccolo and baritone saxophone. Born in 1928, he was one of a select few multi instrumentalists to gain huge popularity among jazz enthusiasts in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Although Dolphy's work is sometimes classified as free jazz, his compositions and solos were often rooted in conventional, if highly abstracted, tonal bebop harmony and melodic lines that suggest the influences of modern classical composers Bela Bartok & Igor Stravinsky. After playing in the bands of Chico Hamilton and Charles Mingus and performing on classic albums by Ornette Coleman, Freddie Hubbard and a range of other jazz greats, Dolphy recorded and released his first record as leader in 1960, the much praised Outward Bound, for New Jazz, the first of 12 such records, all of which are collected in their entirety on this 6 CD set. Across a relatively short career, that was tragically ended in 1964 when Eric Dolphy passed away following complications from diabetes, this master musician was a pioneer and is still of course remembered fondly among Jazz fans as one of the finest brass players the genre has produced, and as a versatile and imaginative performer and composer of huge and continuing influence. Includes the twelve albums: Caribe the Latin Jazz Quintet +Eric Dolphy, Eric Dolphy Quintet featuring Freddie Hubbard, Out There, Looking Ahead Ken McIntyre & Eric Dolphy, Here And There, Where? Ron Carter with Eric Dolphy & Mal Waldron, Eric Dolphy Far Cry with Booker Little, Eric Dolphy at the Five Spot, the Blues And the Abstract Truth, Eric Dolphy Booker Ervin Mal Waldron with the Sextet, Straight Ahead Oliver Nelson with Eric Dolphy & Eric Dolphy in Europe.

1.1 Caribe
1.2 Blues in
1.3 First Bass Line
1.4 Mambo Ricci
1.5 Spring Is Here
1.6 Sunday Go to Meetin'
1.7 G.W
1.8 Green Dolphin Street
1.9 Les
1.10 245
1.11 Glad to Be Unhappy
1.12 Miss Toni
2.1 Out There
2.2 Serene
2.3 The Baron
2.4 Eclipse
2.5 17 West
2.6 Sketch of Melba
2.7 Feathers
2.8 Lautir
2.9 Curtsy
2.10 Geo's Tune
2.11 They All Laughed
2.12 Head Shakin'
2.13 Dianna
3.1 Status Seeking
3.2 God Bless the Child
3.3 G.W
3.4 Don't Blame Me
3.5 Rally
3.6 Bass Duet
3.7 Softly, As in a Mornign Sunrise
3.8 Where
3.9 Yes Indeed
3.10 Saucer Eyes
4.1 Mrs. Parker of K.C. (Bird's Mother)
4.2 Ode to Charlie Parker
4.3 Far Cry
4.4 Miss Ann
4.5 Left Alone
4.6 Fire Waltz
4.7 Bee Vamp
4.8 The Prophet
5.1 Stolen Moments
5.2 Hoe Down
5.3 Cascades
5.4 Yearnin'
5.5 Butch and Butch
5.6 Teenie's Blues
5.7 Status Seeking
5.8 Duquility
5.9 Thirteen
5.10 We Diddit
5.11 Warm Canto
5.12 Warp and Woof
5.13 Fire Waltz
6.1 Images
6.2 Six and Four
6.3 Mama Lou
6.4 Ralph's New Blues
6.5 Straight Ahead
6.6 111-44
6.7 I Don't Know Why
6.8 God Bless the Child
6.9 The Way You Look Tonight
6.10 Oleo
6.11 Hi Fly

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